Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Privacy statement Heisterkamp
This Privacy statement applies to all expressions, services, products and activities of Heisterkamp Group, hereinafter referred to as ‘Heisterkamp’. An overview of companies belonging to this Group is available on the website


Heisterkamp processes and controls personal information of future, current and former employees, (customers of) customers, suppliers and other partners in various (information)systems. Such personal information may consist of, but is not limited to your name, gender, (company) address, email address and telephone number. Various purposes are served with processing your personal information, such as the performance of a contract. Also, processing might be necessary for compliance with a legal/contractual obligation to which Heisterkamp is subject or in the context of a (future) employment relationship. Heisterkamp processes personal information in compliance with (inter)national laws and regulations, contracts with clients, suppliers and other parties and in accordance with Heisterkamp’s (privacy) policy.

How Heisterkamp handles personal information

Heisterkamp treats personal information confidentially and prudent. Heisterkamp only saves personal information if this is strictly necessary and if a justified purpose is served. The interests of persons concerned are always taken into account. Access to personal information is provided on a strict need-to-know basis. Heisterkamp does not share personal information with third parties for commercial purposes. Such personal information is only shared if such is necessary for performing services, upon given consent or in case of a legal obligation. Heisterkamp has secured her network and systems at a high level, but is not liable for damages resulting from illegally obtained information from Heisterkamp’s systems. Heisterkamp erases personal information upon request, within a reasonable period of time after termination of a contractual relationship if foreseeable is that this contractual relationship will not soon be renewed or when there is no longer a legal obligation to process personal data. However, personal data is never processed for a longer period then legally permitted.

Right of access and resistance

A data subject has the right to obtain access to the personal data and to get to know with what purpose this personal data is processed. Data subject also has the right to obtain rectification and/or erasure of personal data concerning him or her, without being charged. Lastly, a data subject can object against receiving information from Heisterkamp through various media channels. Aforementioned request can be filed via

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