Heisterkamp Truck Service

Maintenance, inspections and repairs: as a transporter these are not things you look forward to. However, timely and proper maintenance can prevent vehicle downtime in your fleet; that is precisely why you need a professional workshop you can rely on to perform maintenance at reasonable prices. And if unexpected malfunctions occur or repairs are needed, you want a workshop that will make time for you, day and night. A workshop that can be contacted 24/7 and where quality is the priority. Resolving a problem to full satisfaction in one go: that is our aim. After all, your trucks are made for driving!

All brands

Heisterkamp Truck Service also provides truck maintenance for Heisterkamp Transport. Our technicians work with all well-known brands daily. We know the ins and outs of DAF, Scania, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo and Iveco, and more. We have a large stock of parts for every brand. We have brand-specific diagnostic equipment for targeted and rapid identification of the cause of malfunctions.

Heisterkamp Truck Service offers all-round service, but is also a specialist. This means we can equip your trucks with all the desired accessories. We build hydraulic kits ourselves and also repair them. We press hydraulic hoses in-house, which not only ensures optimum quality, but it also saves time After all, time is money.

Heisterkamp Truckservice is the place for:

  • Maintenance, inspections and repairs of all brands
  • Brand-level diagnostic equipment
  • MOT and tachograph calibrations including smart tacho 4.0
  • Euro 6 engines
  • Hydraulics
  • Tyres
Are you interested in one of our options?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options that suit your needs and organisation.