Sustainable driving

Heisterkamp drivers are supervised, supported and monitored to realise a fuel-efficient eco-driving style.

A fuel programme has been launched in response to the 'New Driving' programme, designed to encourage the most fuel-efficient driving style for our drivers. We try to minimise fuel consumption and the associated CO2 emissions.

Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions takes fuel consumption very seriously. We want to make our drivers aware that adjusting their driving style can result in considerable fuel savings. The programme was also set up in the context of corporate social responsibility. The results are analysed monthly. Based on these results, we discuss points for improvement with our drivers.

Driver awareness of fuel consumption is very important. Our drivers are already trained to drive as economically as possible. In addition, it is also interesting and important for our drivers to know how economically they actually do drive. Their performance is displayed in eco reports.

Numerous trials have revealed that an economical driving style does not waste time. In fact, driving as safely and smoothly as possible often results in a more efficient, faster trip. So haste should never be used as an excuse to abandon the principles of eco-driving.

Eco reports

As a truck driver, you can also make a positive contribution to fuel consumption, which is why all drivers at Heisterkamp receive a monthly, digital eco report. The report focuses on several factors and generates a score for the driver’s driving behaviour:

Letting your vehicle move without using the engine.
Idling the engine while the vehicle is stationary.
Panic breaking:
More braking force is used than with dosed braking.
When the engine is above the fuel-efficient driving limit.
Cruise control:
The total distance that the cruise control is used
Based on all scores, taking into account the weighting per factor.

These reports are evaluated with all drivers. Heisterkamp is convinced that with the help of these reports, we can further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Are you interested in one of our options?

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