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Geplaatst: 19 November 2019

Heisterkamp has been a loyal partner of DSV for many years, and together they have invested in a successful project. Tom Mellin, Director Automotive Division – DSV Road Oy, talks about this intensive cooperation with Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions.

Since 2013, the Automotive Division of DSV Road Oy has been the main LSP (Logistic Service Provider) of a large Automotive OEM in Finland. DSV handles the transport between the parts suppliers in Europe and the factory in Uusikaupunki in Finland. From the start, Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions has been an integral part of this operation. The project was developed and implemented in close cooperation with DSV, accompanied by significant volume growth and an increase in the number of suppliers of the factory in Uusikaupunkki. As with any growth process, the degree of complexity and the need for flexibility gradually increased, as well as the need for quality and communication. Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions has responded excellently to these challenges by investing in the development of customer relationships. This enabled DSV to provide an efficient and reliable service to their customers, regardless of the challenges of the constantly changing external environment.

Heisterkamp DSV

Heisterkamp’s ability to provide solutions on a routine basis, but perhaps even more importantly, in situations where sudden changes or even challenges occur, is crucial for DSV. The basis for good cooperation is a blind faith that all parties involved do their utmost to achieve the common goals. That is precisely why DSV likes to work with Heisterkamp. Heisterkamp offers the agreed services based on the highest possible level of customer focus, professionalism, empathy for the situation and involvement. This creates a lasting positive feeling about the cooperation with the primary customer - DSV - but also with the other parties involved. DSV is looking forward to further collaboration with the 100-year-old logistics veteran Heisterkamp and wishes them a happy anniversary year!

"The automotive industry places high demands on logistics service providers, especially from qualitative perspective, which means that the supplier must be able to adapt and develop quickly in an environment that is subject to constant change - Heisterkamp has proven to thrive in such an environment thanks to their very passionate and dedicated team."
Tom Mellin Director Automotive Division
DSV Logistics Center Heisterkamp
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