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Geplaatst: 26 June 2019

Grolsch and Heisterkamp, a character match!

Bringing together 500 years of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship

Grolsch is different, quirky. We call it character. Character is not to be led by others, but to have the confidence and conviction to choose your own path. Being yourself, sincere, real and authentic. Grolsch believes that authenticity makes the world a more beautiful place. Occasionally taking time to genuinely enjoying the moment. Tasting, realising, experiencing. With every sip you take. A suitable beer for every occasion. Brewed with passion and craftsmanship.

In 2015, Grolsch celebrated its 400th anniversary. It is one of the top 3 beer brands in the Netherlands. Since 2004 we have been located in the newly built brewery in Enschede and since 2016 we are part of the Japanese Asahi Group. Dive into the rich past of Grolsch as a beer and as a brand. And discover how our small brewery of yesteryear has grown into the modern brewery complex of today.

Rich history

Heisterkamp also has such a rich history. A great company that is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Quite a milestone. The company started in 1919 and through many developments, challenges and expansions has been a reliable partner of Royal Grolsch for many years. But what makes this cooperation between Grolsch and Heisterkamp so special? Let’s ask Alwin Kulsdom (Team leader Shipping & Forwarding Grolsch) and Lorenzo Gerritsen (Customer Service and Demand Planning Grolsch).

Ford Heisterkamp Oostwal Ootmarsum Grolsch
This photo dates back to 1962, when Heisterkamp was still based in Ootmarsum; at the time, they still used the open trucks, fully loaded with the grey Grolsch crates that were so familiar back then.

Efficient transport planning

Every day, many Heisterkamp trucks in both Grolsch and Heisterkamp colours leave the gates of the brewery, delivering pallets of beer to the distribution centres of the retail organisations and beverage wholesalers throughout the Netherlands. Lorenzo: “This process is continuous, 24 hours a day; it also requires frequent work on the weekends and holidays. Heisterkamp’s transport planning ensures that trips are planned efficiently. This means that after unloading at the customer, wherever possible, empties are immediately loaded for the return trip to the brewery. Through years of cooperation, we’ve forged a true partnership. That is a great way to work together.”

"The many years of cooperation show that we work well together. In particular, the flexibility offered in terms of extra capacity to cope with sudden peaks in demand is of great importance to us."
Lorenzo Gerritsen

Craftsmanship is Mastery

The Shipping & Forwarding and Customer Service departments at Grolsch are constantly working to achieve an optimal situation between customer, Grolsch and carrier - that process never stops. Customer requirements, efficient distribution through high load factor and optimal route planning, environment, but also the appearance of our trucks on the road; these factors all play a role in the process. The trucks are our calling cards on the road. Alwin: ‘Heisterkamp has seven dedicated Grolsch trucks on the road, fitted with chain trailers. These trailers are very recognisable on the Dutch roads, with their flip-top bottle decoration. These trailers allow us to load and unload at most delivery addresses within two minutes. The trucks are driven by our proud drivers, wearing the Grolsch outfit, ready to go anywhere for us, day and night. They really embody the famous Grolsch slogan ‘Craftsmanship is Mastery’!’

"In 2019, the Heisterkamp group celebrates its 100th anniversary. This is a milestone we, at Grolsch, warmly congratulate them with; when the time comes, we will toast on their success with a good glass of Grolsch!"
Alwin Kulsdom
Grolsch Heisterkamp 1

Sustainable & Responsible

Sustainable and responsible business is in our blood, it seeps through in everything we do. Because we believe that this will take us - and the world around us - further. For instance, Grolsch has been the greenest brewery in the Netherlands for many years, and Grolsch and Heisterkamp have been developing some joint initiatives in this area. Alwin: “Together with Heisterkamp we have achieved the Lean and Green Star. We succeeded by jointly setting out actions to save CO2 on our transports. And we are rather proud of that. In this way we also contribute to sustainable corporate responsibility!

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