Planning Department Szczecin

Geplaatst: 2 July 2019

In 2005 Heisterkamp Transport opened a branch in Szczecin, Poland. Currently our team consists of 13 planners.

The planner is an important link between customer and driver. Communication is the keyword. A good relationship between driver, customer and planner is essential to ensure high quality of customer service.

Some of our planners have been working as a truckdriver in the past and nowadays they are working at our planning department, so they have a very good understanding of the truck driver's job. With that history, they know what the drivers need to do the best job they can. And that results in a happy customer.

Heisterkamp Planning Szczecin

Our job at the planning department is very dynamic. Every day is different: in the morning you’ll never know what will happen during the day and sometimes “surprises” occur. Those surprises are challenging and that’s what it makes it so fun. And most of all: it is very satisfying when we solve the issue eventually.

The planning team in Szczecin is a great team of hard working people that have a lot of fun together. They help build a good relationship, not only between driver and customer, but also between each other.

Planning Heisterkamp Szczecin
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