Inside Information: Heisterkamp Trailer Service

Geplaatst: 7 November 2019

Heisterkamp Trailer Service is one of the many Heisterkamp businesses that are located at the Hanzepoort in Oldenzaal. Trailer Service has a large professional workshop with approximately 27 employees. The department specialises in trailers. Whether you need help with the chassis, top structure or loading/unloading systems, maintenance, inspections, tyres or damage: Heisterkamp Trailer Service is a full-service partner.

Many companies use the term “one-stop-shop”: they promise to help the customer with whatever the problem is. But there are few companies that can make it happen. Knowledge about trailer equipment is often limited to the chassis and the inspection of a tailgate, but the construction, that is often too difficult. Heisterkamp can make good on its promises! Our dedicated truck workshop, our damage repair centre and paint shop, our 24h breakdown service, our tire service and last but not least the Heisterkamp trailer service enable us to offer transporters a complete maintenance package.

Heisterkamp Trailer Service specialises in trailer maintenance, repairs and inspections. Whether we’re talking about cooling trailers, curtain siders and covered trailers, walking floors or glass trailers, superstructure or chassis, and even cooling engines: customers can come to us for all possible trailers!

Heisterkamp Service Based Solutions

Short communication lines with trailer manufacturers

To ensure the best possible service, Heisterkamp is a service partner for several trailer manufacturers, such as Krone, Schmitz, Kässbohrer, D-TEC, VMA, Bulthuis, Vogelzang and Kraker. Because of these short lines of communication with the manufacturers, we have the right documentation and original parts, and we can also handle all customer warranty claims with the manufacturer.

Good accessibility and extended opening hours

Heisterkamp Trailer Service, located at the Hanzepoort in Oldenzaal, right at the A1 exit, is easily accessible for both local customers and accidental passers-by. Also, Heisterkamp Trailer Service has extended opening hours: we start at 6:00h and work in shifts until 22.00h. We also have a service car for any repairs or tire service en route. The trailer service workshop has APK and LPK (MOT) tracks, with all the necessary advanced equipment, such as brake banks, ABS/EBS reading technology, MIG.TIG and aluminium welding equipment.

Heisterkamp Truck en Trailerservice

The best solutions for our customers.

With Heisterkamp Transport as our sister company, we know better than anyone what is important to a transport company: the highest possible availability of equipment at the lowest possible cost. One of the ways in which we interpret this is by ensuring that our people have the right level of knowledge and various specialisations. Some mechanics are specialists in curtain siders and covered trailers, others in cooling engines and yet others in electronics such as ABS/EBS and vehicle tracking systems.

We help our customers find the right, and cost-effective, solution. The people at the office aren’t the only ones doing the thinking: our mechanics are also very customer-focused. We won’t just replace components without discussing it. If necessary, we will repair items, or perform inhouse revisions. In other cases, we advise the customer to replace certain parts as a precaution, to avoid unwanted downtime – and costs - on the road. Also, we press hydraulic hoses inhouse: this allows customers to get back on the road quickly and keeps costs within limits.

Schadeherstel Heisterkamp

Damage repair

The advantage of our paint shop is that we can also offer damage repair: whether it is small damage to a curtain or side panel or major structural damage. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we first make a cost statement of the expected repair costs. After the damage has been repaired, we can repaint the trailer in the desired company colours. Together with our paint shop, we also take care of changing the corporate identity and/or re-stickering entire fleets.

Living up to expectations

In short: Heisterkamp offers customers a one-stop shop for their entire fleet. The Trailer Service department is an important link in this process: the employees at the Trailer Service deliver the desired results. We strive to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers, time and again!

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