Heisterkamp Trailer Rental & TSL are celebrating

Geplaatst: 20 May 2019

Not only Heisterkamp is celebrating this year: our customer TSL is celebrating its 25th anniversary. We recently completed a great collaboration, the delivery of five Double Deck Trailers. Let us tell you all about this collaboration and why TSL chose Heisterkamp.

TSL GmbH is a successful transport company, active in the food industry. This year, the family business celebrates its 25th anniversary. In the summer, they will be celebrating this milestone with their 85 employees. The head office is located in Groß-Umstadt, near Frankfurt, but they also have branches in Dietzenbach, Raunheim and Neu-Isenburg. At TSL, they focus on their customers, 24/7. A deal is a deal, that is their motto. This is also why they continue to grow, year after year.

The innovative company has a very modern fleet of vehicles. The four DAF trucks and 45 Scania trucks are equipped with the latest technologies. But those who pay attention will recognise the corporate identity on their combinations of trucks and trailers. TSL distinguishes itself with their sleek trucks equipped with Double Deck Trailers. These are special trailers that can be fitted with 90 roll containers instead of a standard trailer that can be fitted with ‘only’ 56 roll containers.

Heisterkamp Trailer Rental TSL

TSL recently took delivery of five of these Double Deck trailers, supplied by Heisterkamp Trailer Rental GmbH. These special trailers made by Burgers in Aalsmeer are equipped with 2x 10-ton rigid axles, made with plywood, and a maximum gross load capacity of 35,000kg. The trailer is also equipped with a rear closing D’hollandia tailgate with a lifting capacity of 2,500 kg. This includes a multi-deck outdoor lift for optimum use.

Edwin de Waal (Director at TSL) indicates that he has chosen Heisterkamp Trailer Rental GmbH based on price, quality and service: “We notice that Heisterkamp Trailer Rental has a true transport vision. They are flexible and offer great service. For our Double Deck Trailers, they have created a local workshop, for maintenance, tyres and service. We are also very positive about their 24hr road service. They also offer a good price for a full-service package. This unburdens TSL, allowing us to focus on the job at hand.

Heisterkamp Trailer Rental TSL 3

Bart Peters (General Manager Heisterkamp Trailer Rental) is very happy with the collaboration with TSL: “In 2017, we started our collaboration with the delivery of five cooling trailers. TSL now has 20 trailers from Heisterkamp. It is always nice to visit TSL; they foster a positive and warm company culture, and everyone is very involved in the business. They have a fantastic fleet of vehicles and a good customer base. The collaboration with Edwin de Waal, Klaus Ellinger and Günter Timmsen (TSL’s management team) is based on honesty, trust and clarity. We are proud to collaborate with TSL, and we want to use this opportunity to wish all the employees at TSL a wonderful anniversary year, and a great anniversary party.

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