Heisterkamp Team: Truckservice

Geplaatst: 5 March 2019

Meet our colleagues from Heisterkamp Truckservice. The garages of Truckservice are the places where maintenance, inspections and construction projects are carried out by an enthusiastic team. This wonderful team, consisting of mechanics and office staff, will be highlighted this week. Read, watch and enjoy.

At Truckservice we have a fun, friendly and young team of about 25 colleagues. You can find our garage at Hanzepoort 7 in Oldenzaal, but since the beginning of 2018 we also have an extra branch at Hanzepoort 24. Here we do the construction of new trucks.

A large part of the construction is for our own fleet. For this we build up more than 300 trucks per year. For Heisterkamp Fleet Rental we also build more than 150 trucks a year. These are often large and special projects. For example, we install extra lighting, hydraulic systems, microwaves and inverters. In addition, we arrange the advertising and lettering and we do all kinds of spraying work in our Paint shop to deliver the car completely in the customer's house style.

Heisterkamp Fleet Service

Then there is our service workshop at Hanzepoort 7, where we carry out all common activities, such as all inspections. We carry out APK inspections (>3500 KG), tacho calibrations, crane inspections, safety inspections of terminal tractors, etc. We also take care of all maintenance work on the trucks, such as engine overhauls, gearbox overhauls, air conditioning service, etc. Actually, we always say that we can do all we can and we can! In addition to trucks, we even perform all common work on buses, coaches and cranes.

The nice thing about our work is that a day is never the same. We have a very varied customer base with all kinds and sizes of vehicles. Every day is a surprise. You can start in the morning with a service, but later in the day you are repairing a truck that is stranded somewhere along the way. The next day, you'll be working on a large new truck body again.

It is also important that we have a nice party several times a year where the necessary drinks and snacks are consumed and where it often continues into the late hours. In short: we have a friendly, dynamic team that goes for it and is ready for each other.

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