Heisterkamp Team: Trailer Service - The Office

Geplaatst: 19 March 2019

Heisterkamp Trailerservice is one of the many Heisterkamp companies that you can find at the Hanzepoort in Oldenzaal. The Trailerservice has a large professional workshop with about 27 employees. A large number of these employees work as mechanics, the other part mans the office part. This week we spoke to our colleagues in the latter category.

Heisterkamp Trailerservice Team

When you come to us as a customer, you are immediately welcomed by our office staff. Usually we have about 4 people in the office, one of whom, the service coordinator, is the direct contact for the customer. Sometimes an appointment has been made in advance, sometimes it is a job that takes several days and sometimes something can happen quickly in between. It is a sport for us to help our customers get back on their way as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost. It must be very difficult if we cannot help a customer, which almost never occurs. Customers who wait can take a rest in the cozy sitting room with a good cup of coffee.

Heisterkamp Trailerservice Kantoor

As Heisterkamp Trailerservice we are specialized in maintenance, repairs and inspections of trailers. Whether it concerns cooling trailers, curtain and sliding trailers, walking floors or glass trailers, superstructure or substructure: customers can contact us for all possible trailers! We also have the option of repairing major damage: we make a statement of the expected repair costs and after approval our mechanics get to work in our specially equipped bodyshop with paint shop.

Our workshops have MOT and LPK streets with all the necessary advanced equipment, such as brake banks, ABS/EBS reading technology, MIG.TIG and aluminium welding equipment. As a result, customers can actually come to us with almost anything. Another example is the restyling and/or re-sticking of complete fleets. We do this together with our paint shop. We also offer our customers complete fleet management: from the complete maintenance planning and inspections to managing the repair costs, we manage. All this to relieve our customers as much as possible!

Heisterkamp Service Based Solutions

So you can actually say that we, together with our mechanics, can take care of everything from A to Z. We take care of the planning, quotations, invoices, contact with the customer, etc. Our mechanics ensure that everything is actually fixed. A wonderful team!

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