Heisterkamp Team: The Mechanics of Truckservice

Geplaatst: 4 June 2019

We are the Heisterkamp Truckservice team! Our team consists of more than 20 employees and we are located at the Hanzepoort 7 in Oldenzaal. We start at 06:00 in the morning and work until 20:00 in the evening. And outside opening hours, our colleagues from the Breakdown Service are available to our customers 24/7.

Our work consists mainly of the maintenance, repair and inspection of all makes and types of heavy commercial vehicles. In addition to the annual MOT inspection, tacho calibrations, we also do not turn our hands for the overhaul of complete engines or gearboxes. We have customers with a wide variety of vehicles and activities and different truck brands. This means a lot of varied work, but that's our specialty and that makes it even more fun!

During a working day, we also have a lot of unforeseen issues that we have to deal with. Customers who would like to be helped in between cases, or a stranding on the way. It is a sport for us to fix everything as quickly as possible so that the customer can continue.

Our service sometimes goes very far (literally): for example, one time we went to mid-Sweden to replace a wheel hub or went to France to replace a turbo. Of course, we don't do this just like that, but if a part is not in stock on the spot, sometimes it’s the only option. If necessary, we pick up the defect vehicle with one of our own low loaders. On the outward journey we immediately take a replacement tractor with us, so that the driver can continue his journey!

We are also building many new trucks of all brands: DAF, MAN, Scania, Volvo and Mercedes. We adapt these new trucks completely to the wishes of the customer and fit them with, for example, a lamp holder, standard air conditioning, hydraulic set, on-board computer, etc. And with our colleagues from the paint shop, we can also bring the trucks into the house style. By the way, we also do damage repair!

Opbouw Truckservice Heisterkamp

Since 2009 we have been VDL's service partner for buses and coaches. We now have a great deal of experience in this field and are fully equipped to service all models of buses and coaches.

Heisterkamp Service onderhoudspartner Keolis

Because we can offer this diversity of disciplines, we have built up a broad customer base, something of which we are very proud. But of course we can't achieve this without our great team. We work hard, but have fun together! We go for our customers. We don't know "no"!

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