Heisterkamp Team: The drivers of The Netherlands

Geplaatst: 15 August 2019

This week in Tuesday Teamday we discover the life of the Dutch drivers. Their location is Oldenzaal, where the head office is also located. The team consists of drivers who make international, domestic and night trips.

Joop Bouwhuis (60 years) has been working as a driver at Heisterkamp for 19 years and tells us about his work:

"In 2000 I started as an international driver and regularly drove to various countries such as Italy, Denmark, Spain and Sweden. My favorite country to drive to is Sweden. It is a wonderful country with lots of peace, space, safety and friendliness. The most beautiful thing about these rides was crossing with the ferry (boat). Everything was arranged there! From delicious dinner to beautiful cabins with private shower and the next morning a nice breakfast. Together with colleagues you could relax for an evening; it didn't even feel like working!

Joop Heisterkamp

Due to personal circumstances I switched from international rides to day trips. I did that for a while for DHL and now for Grolsch. In this difficult period Heisterkamp took care of me. The company is also very social and approachable; you can go to anyone and they are always there for you. It think that is very nice!

What I also like about Heisterkamp is that you always drive in new equipment. Every three years the fleet is renewed. There is no transport company that does that. Also, the trucks are always clean because as a driver you have to wash the truck inside and out when you come back from your ride. In addition, Heisterkamp is always at the forefront of technology. Look at those new Mercedes cars without mirrors that are new in the fleet. Nobody has them yet! The Heisterkamp fleet is very diverse; you have Mercedes, DAF, Scania. But I prefer to drive a DAF. I also started my driver's career in this car. Maybe that's why I prefer it.

Heisterkamp Chauffeur

During the rides I always bring my own food. As a driver, you sit all day and I don't have time to exercise, so I think healthy food is important. This is also encouraged by Heisterkamp. If you eat fat every day, you will grow big. Of course, we don't want that!

I've been one of Grolsch's regular drivers via Heisterkamp for about five years now. I arrive at work and have a cup of coffee with my colleagues. On my working day, I do several trips for Grolsch. As soon as my day is over, I can see what tomorrow will look like on the schedule. I have a lot of freedom in my work, I love that! The 'only' thing I have to take into account are the driving and resting times and the departure and arrival times.

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