Heisterkamp Team: Planning Oldenzaal (NL)

Geplaatst: 14 May 2019

The planning department in Oldenzaal consists of six motivated planners and is located on the first floor of our head office at Hanzepoort 7. Our work consists of planning trucks, trailers and drivers. We do this on the basis of loading and unloading times, entirely according to the customer's wishes.

Together we ensure that the customers are well served and that drivers can work in an adequate and pleasant manner. Thanks to this approach and a constant exchange of knowledge, good cooperation has developed over the years between our clients and Heisterkamp. In addition, we work very solution-oriented and it is very important that you are able to work well in a team. We analyze frequently occurring problems well and always look for a suitable solution. You could say that we are a kind of mediator between the drivers and customers.


The work of a planner is quite hectic. There is always something to do. The trucks are divided over different customers and planners. It is a challenge for us as a planner to keep all this on the right track.

Through the use of communication tools, such as the on-board computer, the contact between the drivers and us has greatly improved. Because these systems are not always very personal, it is always possible for drivers to contact us by telephone or to visit us during the planning phase.

The nice thing about the planning is that every day is different, which creates a lot of variety in the work.

Heisterkamp planning Oldenzaal
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