Heisterkamp Team: Planning Department Hamm

Geplaatst: 6 August 2019

The team in Hamm currently consists of 2 planners who plan dozens of trucks every day, have contact with the customer and with a group of motivated drivers who come from the region and know the area well.

Heisterkamp Hamm has proven its added value in recent years and more and more customers know where to find us to provide us with great assignments every day. Quality, craftsmanship and flexibility are requirements for a good team performance.

In mid-2011, Heisterkamp Transport opened a branch in Hamm. Hamm is a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located on the Lippe in the northeastern corner of the Ruhr area and it is 120 km from Oldenzaal. The Ruhr area in which Hamm operates is a highly industrialized region with about 5.3 million inhabitants. Known for its coal and steel industry.

Heisterkamp Planning Hamm

The choice for Hamm was simple at the time. Heisterkamp was asked by a large supermarket chain to take care of the daily transport of several cars. This customer still forms the basis of our location in Hamm today. Over the past few years, new customers have arrived and the establishment has been able to realize its right to exist within Heisterkamp. For Heisterkamp, the Hamm branch is a strategic location to re-link trailers, so that the customer benefits from a higher turnaround speed of his trailer. The train terminals of Herne, Duisburg and Koln are also within easy reach.

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