Heisterkamp Team: Planning Cluj (Romania)

Geplaatst: 11 June 2019

This week we get to know a little bit more about our planners in Cluj-Napoca. Our branch in Cluj-Napoca was established in 2015 and is located in the heart of Transylvania in Romania in Cluj-Napoca.

The office is strategically located on the bottom of the mountains of the city of Cluj-Napoca. Our team consists of 7 motivated people. The team is very close and has a lot of fun with each other. But besides that, we have to serve our customers in a professional way and make sure our drivers can work in an efficient and enjoyable environment.

Werkplaats Cluj Heisterkamp

Working on the planning of the trucks and trailers, asks a lot of solution-oriented skills from our planning department. We don’t know problems, only challenges. The work is quite hectic and we always have to switch fast in order to maintain high quality towards our drivers and customers.

In our office we handle about 80 trucks on a daily base for a high variation of customers from all countries in Europe, which means we also have to handle different cultures within our customers. We also see that we can be more efficient in our job due to the innovations of technology.

Our drivers and customers are always welcome to step into our office for a cup of coffee or to have a chat with us! We like to stay in contact with them, also when it’s not about the work we do.

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