Heisterkamp Team: Paint shop

Geplaatst: 19 February 2019

The Heisterkamp spray cabin is the place where trucks, trailers, buses and all kinds of parts are subjected to a complete transformation. The heroes behind these projects? Rudi, Pawel and Roy. This week Rudi tells us all about the team and their activities.

At the moment we have a very nice team, consisting of 3 people. I have been working at Heisterkamp for 21 years now and I am very happy working in the spray cabin.

The work is very varied and that makes it so much fun. On some days, we only have to spray a bumper or a step-up tray. On other days, large box trailers are coming over that need to be completely overpainted. And how about old trailers that we can make completely new again? We can make all the colors that the customer wants and so we can freshen up entire vehicle fleets and provide a new look.

We also do damage repair projects on a regular basis. We do this for our customers, but also for the Heisterkamp fleet itself. It is up to us to make trucks completely free of damage, so that they can be returned afterwards.

Actually, there is almost nothing negative about the job. We used to have many trailers whose chassis we had to spray and that is very difficult work. Fortunately, this almost no longer occurs. Nowadays you see more and more often that we provide trucks with a nice metallic color. These are the fun things.

Our team is really great. We enjoy the work and there is always a good atmosphere. All this ensures that the collaboration is also very good. We make sure that everyone does both filler and paintwork. As a result, everyone has a lot of variety in his work and we enjoy every day with new challenges.

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