Heisterkamp Team: Invoicing Travemünde

Geplaatst: 25 June 2019

With our team we are responsible for invoicing customers for whom our GmbH drivers drive. In addition to the actual invoicing of the kilometers, we take care of the paper flow to the customer. In this way, the customer knows exactly where he stands.

We also analyze the kilometers driven by the drivers. We investigate where the excess kilometers come from and how we can prevent this from happening in the future. This is great research! This enables us to have contact with customers, drivers and the planning department. Partly because of this, our work is so much fun because you have intensive contact with all the parties involved.

Heisterkamp Facturatie Travemunde

Because we are close to the planning, the communication between operation and invoicing is excellent and we can optimally relieve the customer. For the work we do, you need to be able to work accurately and in a concentrated manner. In addition to the serious invoicing work, we also have a lot of fun with each other and with other colleagues in Travemünde. Because our team is close to other departments, we feel like one big team!

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