Heisterkamp Team: Invoicing Cluj - Romania

Geplaatst: 27 August 2019

The Invoicing department of Romania is located in the Heisterkamp office in Cluj-Napoca. This was the first office of Heisterkamp that was opened in the country. This week in Tuesday Teamday we introduce ourselves!

Innvoicing Cluj Heisterkamp

The Invoicing department started with one person but grows along with the company. Nowadays our team consists of three enthusiastic colleagues and we continue to grow. We don't mind at all that it's (still) a small team. We have a great time together.

What makes our team so important to Heisterkamp? It is our responsibility to invoice the right order to the right customer. And that with the best service we can offer. Having an eye for detail is the most important quality you need to possess in our department. After all, it is important that every order is billed correctly.

Our work is very fun and the invoicing department bears a lot of responsibility. That is what we like about our work. And because the atmosphere in our team is excellent, we enjoy going to work every day!

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