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Geplaatst: 7 May 2019

The IT department of Heisterkamp is responsible for computers, servers, printers, telephones, tablets, on-board computers, track & trace systems, access control systems, internet connection and software that are used by Heisterkamp.

The team consists of more than 20 people who are continuously working to make all these things technically work and to make and implement new technologies, hardware and software. It is a fun and sociable team; they even have a 'food-app' in which is discussed what (healthy or unhealthy) food is ordered that day. A few times a month there are (homemade) delicacies from and for colleagues. A group of colleagues from the IT department also regularly visit an Escape Room together.

Teamfoto ICT Heisterkamp

IT Service Desk

Three front line employees are the first point of contact at the Service Desk. They register notifications received by telephone, e-mail or via the self-service portal. In more than 65% of the cases, they also (directly) resolve these reports. They also provide any necessary equipment.

If there are reports that cannot be solved (immediately), the second-line colleagues are called in.

On the software side, these are the application managers; they search in software and files until they can find the problem and, in most cases, solve it right away.

For the infrastructure/system side, there are the system administrators. Together they make sure that all technical matters are running smoothly. Renate Boevink keeps an overview and checks whether all reports are dealt with correctly and on time.

Business Analysts

To ensure that all wishes are translated into IT, the IT team has its own Business Analysts. They test all software that is made internally as well as externally, take care of the transfer to the business and produce the corresponding manuals. They are also responsible for the functional design of standard software. To this end, they are in contact with the suppliers of the various software in order to ensure that they function as well as possible for Heisterkamp.

Stand up
The daily stand-up meeting where the team tells each other which tasks they are working on and where they may need help


The Heisterkamp IT team consist also software developers. They are involved in the development of software such as the Transport Planning System, the in/out check application for Trailerrental, the stock/sales application for Used Trucks and other various portals (such as the customer portal, etc.).

Tom van Noort (IT Manager) is responsible for deciding whether and in what order to develop new wishes and issues is one of his tasks.

The Heisterkamp IT team is available 24/7 to facilitate the IT that is essential to Heisterkamp at any time of the day.

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