Heisterkamp Team: Fleet Rental

Geplaatst: 7 September 2019

The Fleet Rental department is located in Oldenzaal at Hanzepoort 25th, right next to the A1 motorway. A beautiful location where we see satisfied customers passing by every day.

The team consists of 9 energetic colleagues who drive almost every day throughout Europe to acquire new customers. In addition to attracting new customers, it pays to pay extra attention to our existing customers. Our goal is, besides customer satisfaction, to introduce as many (potential) companies as possible to our rental services.

Teamfoto fleetrental

The Heisterkamp rental department has about 100 modern equipped trucks in its fleet. The Lease department manages about 1000 units. We offer different brands and types of trucks. We also offer various rental & lease options. Whether you need a tractor for 1 day or for a long period, you can always come to us.

Heisterkamp Fleet Rental offers the possibility to purchase the truck or trailer in the standard Heisterkamp colors, but you can also choose to have everything in your own house style. We have our own state of the art paint shop where the fleet can be transformed into your own corporate identity! With us, everything is possible.

To ensure that the rental and leasing processes run as effectively and efficiently as possible, Jan-Willem makes sure that the tractors are always ready to drive. Small repairs, oil checks, washing tractors; everything is done with enthusiasm and care.

Would you like to deliver a tractor to the customer on location? No problem: we even bring them to Austria!

Heisterkamp Fleet Rental
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