Heisterkamp Team: Facility

Geplaatst: 26 February 2019

The team that is undoubtedly indispensable within the company. They ensure that everything in and around the buildings runs smoothly. How exactly do they do this? That's what you read this week in #TuesdayTeamday!

Our team consists of four people: Huub, Jos, Sebastiaan and Mirko. Huub is the manager and has been working at Heisterkamp for almost 40 years. Jos has been working here for almost 30 years now and as a facility employee he is responsible for FAFS and everything related to safety. Sebastiaan, with more than 3 years of service, takes care of office supplies and the 'shop' where clothes are issued. Mirko is the newest member of the company. He started about a month ago and is responsible for gas, water and electricity.

Facility Heisterkamp

From the above you can already see that our working area is extremely wide. Safety is a big part of this. We not only provide fire extinguishers, FAFS and audits, but we also ensure that the buildings are well secured with locks and cameras. We are also responsible for the appearance of all Heisterkamp buildings. We make sure that the parking spaces are tidy, that signs and flags are in the right place and that everything looks good. A tidy look around the buildings is important to us.

The Facility department can also be seen as an important support for the rest of the company and its employees. We arrange office supplies, ensure that paper and waste is removed, we provide drivers and other employees with jackets and other clothing and we help in the preparation of trade fairs. We are also the main point of contact in the field of real estate. This includes arranging permits (including environmental, construction and environmental permits) and managing energy contracts, for example.

Heisterkamp Facility 1

We have a lot of different activities, but this also makes our work fun. Every day is different, we work at different locations and have a lot of variety. In the morning you don't know what you're going to do that day and that makes every day a surprise.

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