Heisterkamp Team: Accounting

Geplaatst: 16 April 2019

The accounting department of Heisterkamp is located on the 2nd floor of the head office in Oldenzaal. The team, consisting of 11 people, is a team where people work hard, but where fun is also very important in its time. Who they are? You can read about that here.

"We are a team that is actually divided into three parts. The first group consists of 7 people who are responsible for the daily financial administration. In addition, 3 people are responsible for accounts receivable management and Niek is our group controller.

The department is a good mix of people with years of experience and young, active colleagues. Together we ensure that accounting related activities within Heisterkamp are delivered on time to the stakeholders. Our colleagues in debtor management also ensure that our debtors pay on time.

At Heisterkamp there is a continuous challenge. Fortunately, in addition to the serious activities, there is also time for a chat or a little fun every now and then. The atmosphere in the department is good and this is reflected in the fact that a large part of the team has been working at Heisterkamp for more than 10 years. The highlight is Frank, who has more than 25 years of service. Because of this fact we don't have to explain that it's good working in our department.

Team boekhouding Heisterkamp

Special detail: "Although our team is not very large with 11 people, we do have three names that appear twice. This sometimes causes some confusion when someone calls out a name about the department."

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