Heisterkamp Service Based Solutions

Geplaatst: 12 September 2019

ONE-STOP-SHOP and solution-based thinking
Our Service Division in Oldenzaal includes a dedicated trailer workshop, a professional truck workshop and a modern damage repair centre with paint shop. Our Fleet Service, including the 24/7 Breakdown Service and Fleet Management is also based there, making Oldenzaal a real onestop- shop. Our service division has around 90 employees, some of whom work at our truck and trailer workshop in Travemünde.

Alert to customers’ needs
Not only our office staff, but also our workshop technicians can help you to find solutions which are also interesting in terms of price. Defective components will not indiscriminately be replaced but repaired or revised in-house.


We can provide all types of services and, unlike most other transport companies, you will be ready in one go. Trucking knowledge is often limited to one brand and to the chassis and inspection of a tail lift in towed equipment. Once it comes to the superstructure, things become more difficult. But we have the right specialists in house.

One stop shop Heisterkamp

Good accessibility, extended opening hours
We are located at the Hanzepoort in Oldenzaal, right at the exit of the A1 motorway, and therefore easily accessible. Our Trailer Service has extensive opening times and our Breakdown Service provides a 24/7 point of contact. The same appliesto our location in Travemünde, strategically located to the ferry ports.

Breakdown service

We have more than a hundred years of transport experience and therefore exactly know how the costs of breakdown can affect returns and customer satisfaction. Our Breakdown Service is part of Fleet Service and collaborates with more than 8,000 workshops throughout Europe. Our goal is to minimize the length of stoppages, while taking costs into account.

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