Heisterkamp Fleet Service

Geplaatst: 2 December 2019

The merger of the fleet management of Truck and Trailer Service and the Breakdown Service into Fleetservice has not only resulted in improved internal processes within Heisterkamp. It has also led to a wonderful new formula that Heisterkamp can offer its customers.

Growing vehicle fleet
In addition to being available to customers, the Service Division of Heisterkamp is also responsible for the maintenance, repairs and inspections of its own fleet. That’s 700 trucks from Transport and now almost 4000 trailers from Trailerrental. Where possible, the work is carried out in our own workshops. The work on vehicles stationed elsewhere in the Netherlands or Europe is outsourced to external workshops (preferred suppliers). The company’s own fleet continues to grow and so does the amount of service work.

Outsourcing maintenance keeps growing
It is not only the growth of our own fleet that has led to the creation of the Fleetservice department. The growing trend of outsourcing maintenance by carriers has also contributed to this. The increasing legislation and regulations, the high investments, the structural shortage of mechanics and the increasingly complex technology make it increasingly difficult for carriers to operate their own workshop. In addition, there are more and more companies, mainly own carriers, who no longer see fleet management as their core activity and therefore outsource it.

Heisterkamp Fleet Service

Fleet management and breakdown service in one
Fleetservice was developed to respond to these developments in a professional manner. With the Service Division, we offer a total concept to customers who want to outsource the maintenance of their fleet management, but do not want to be tied to a single brand or dealer. At Fleetservice, customers can use a menu structure. If desired, the customer only uses the tyre service or Breakdown Service, but a complete maintenance package is also an option. Full service includes all maintenance, repairs, inspections and tyre service. Full service means financial security for the customer due to the absence of variable costs. With Fleetservice’s periodic reporting, the customer has a clear overview of all fleet maintenance. In the meantime, the first customers have opted for a full service by Fleetservice. The total package we offer, including brand independence, appeals to customers and is a wonderful solution for fleet maintenance.

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