100 Reasons why we enjoy working at Heisterkamp

Geplaatst: 4 July 2019

To honour the 100th anniversary of Heisterkamp we asked our colleagues to give reasons why they enjoy working at the beautiful company.

It resulted in 100 reasons:

1. Family business
2. Great colleagues
3. Diversity of work
4. Flexibility
5. Plenty of training options
6. Room for personal contributions
7. Good working conditions
8. Good/modern working environment (with sitting/standing desks and modern and inspiring offices)
9. Fresh fruit every week
10. Technically challenging application landscape
11. Fun (Christmas and summer) parties
12. Diversity of colleagues (multiple nationalities)
13. Broad application scope
14. Flexible working hours
15. (International) growth opportunities
16. 24/7 support for our drivers
17. Always the latest trucks
18. Very social and involved in (personal) problems
19. Drivers are encouraged to keep to the driving hours schedule
20. You can be yourself
21. A stable employer for 100 years
22. Helps you stay healthy
23. Engages in conversation with you
24. Reliable employer
25. State-of-the-art IT and software solutions that are often designed in-house

Werken bij Heisterkamp

26. Enabling ‘impossible’ trips through good cooperation with drivers and planning
27. Good cooperation with external offices
28. Young team of colleagues in a professional yet informal setting
29. A sense of family
30. Dynamic business; no day is the same
31. Social / listening ear in case of problems
32. The McDonalds at walking distance (Oldenzaal)
33. Rich history
34. Financial security as a company
35. Diversity of the entire Heisterkamp Group range
36. Starting drivers also get the opportunity to receive excellent guidance
37. Good cooperation between different departments
38. You don’t feel like a number, even though hundreds of people work there
39. Salary always paid on time
40. The Oldenzaal office is next to the motorway
41. No formal culture (no neckties)
42. Hard working mentality
43. Short lines of communication between departments and colleagues
44. Complies with agreements
45. Great diversity of customers
46. Heisterkamp is always developing
47. It’s all about the people
48. Great relationships between colleagues
49. Respect for each other
50. Respect for everyone’s expertise

Werken Bij Heisterkamp 1

51. Safe working environment
52. Innovative company
53. Teamwork
54. Passionate colleagues
55. Professional company
56. You are encouraged to step outside your comfort zone
57. International character
58. We literally work across borders
59. High visibility of Heisterkamp on the motorways
60. Attention for the family of employees
61. Good harmony between colleagues and departments
62. Flat organisation with short lines of communication
63. Everything is well organised, from keeping track of your working hours to your salary payment
64. Helpful colleagues
65. Impressive how big the company is; in Oldenzaal it takes up almost the entire Hanzepoort
66. Own car wash
67. Good familiarisation procedures for drivers
68. The health of its employees is very important to Heisterkamp
69. Heisterkamp has its own hotel/ overnight accommodation for foreign drivers
70. Heisterkamp is self-sufficient (everything around the transport is arranged in-house, from driving to maintenance)
71. You are provided with everything to do your work (materials, desktop, laptop and/or telephone)
72. You will receive your salary in the middle of the month instead of at the end of the month
73. Many vacation days
74. Beautifully renovated cafeteria in Oldenzaal
75. Many facilities for the drivers, such as a washing machine and a shower

Werken Bij Heisterkamp 2

76. Trucks are cleaned after use, so you always drive clean trucks
77. Heisterkamp has its own gas station
78. Heisterkamp has a good reputation as an employer
79. Your colleagues and managers motivate you to do your very best
80. Everything is allowed, and everything is possible within Heisterkamp
81. The doors to the management and managers offices are always open (literally)
82. International player, also on an individual level
83. Despite its international character, Heisterkamp values the places where it operates
84. Social heart for the region
85. Nothing and nobody beats the company Heisterkamp; not even the director who bears the name Heisterkamp
86. Sufficient parking space around the offices
87. The organisation and the city of Oldenzaal are both full of life, enjoyable
88. The employer also supports employees by, for example, providing loans (in case of serious reasons)
89. Supports the mediation of waiting times
90. Enlists a company physician or other forms of assistance for colleagues
91. The surroundings of the offices are clean: parking spaces are neat, buildings are well maintained
92. Possibility to exercise at a reduced rate and to take out health insurance
93. The Works Council is taken seriously
94. The management is a mix of self-trained people and new colleagues
95. Borrowing material, such as a trailer or van, is open for discussion
96. In Oldenzaal you have the option to take a shower, for example when you come to the office by bicycle
97. Heisterkamp helps develop teaching programmes, for example for mechanic training in schools
98. The balance between work and private life is perfect
99. Everyone is equal; there is one level and everyone drinks from the same coffee machine

100. In short: We think Heisterkamp is just a great employer!

Heisterkamp Team
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