Our branches are located at strategic distances from each other, enabling our drivers to complete their journeys between each branch without having to rest. A  different driver is waiting at each Heisterkamp branch to continue the journey. This makes it possible to deliver quicker, so you can achieve a higher return and load factor on your trailer, given the time gain.

This creates a win-win situation for all parties; as we can cover more kilometres per day, we can offer you a competitive rate while you can improve the load factor of your trailer.

Our modern fleet consists of approximately 750 trucks, all of which are fitted with GPS/GPRS communication and tracking equipment. This leads to considerable advantages for you.

  • The latest status information every minute. Access via the Internet, without additional software, for an unlimited number of users, also from home.
  • Direct messaging with/instructions to drivers (free of charge), everything is recorded.

Our people
Each day, more than 1.400 members of staff are there to help you. Thanks to a thorough selection procedure, an intensive introduction period and firm supervision of our drivers, your load is shipped under the supervision of highly qualified members of staff.

For more information about our trucking concept, please contact our Sales department.
Telephone: +31 (0)541 589000
Mail:         sales@heisterkamp.eu