Heisterkamp Used Trucks


Heisterkamp Used Trucks holds a broad and varied stock of used trucks in early to late models. We carry out a vehicle check on every incoming truck or trailer. During these checks, we replenish all liquids, we check the lights and make sure all vital parts of the truck or trailer work. This way you know what you are buying and the buyer can get out on the road safely.

If a vehicle needs repairs, 
Heisterkamp has the facilities. Our in-house workshop accommodates all truck types, and we have a specialized trailer workshop. Any bodywork and re-spraying on purchased vehicles can be done on site. And you can let Heisterkamp handle all (export) documentation. We will also be happy to arrange vehicle shipping or road transport to the customer.

If you cannot find what you need in our stock lists then give us a call. We can help via our global customer and supplier network to find the vehicle you are looking for. So, looking for a reliable vehicle? Visit Heisterkamp!