Heisterkamp Truck Rental

Truck Rental - Information

Various possibilities
Heisterkamp Truck Rental has various options. For example, you can opt for both a rental and a lease construction. Renting or leasing a truck for the longer term is extra favorable. In addition to our existing fleet, we can also offer you completely new trucks at a very attractive rate. Do you wish to buy the truck after the end of the contract, or exchange it for a new one? This is also possible at Heisterkamp Truck Rental.

Your own company style
Do you want a completely new truck in your own company style? But do you also want to benefit from the advantages renting and leasing offer? At Heisterkamp Truck Rental it is possible to combine all of this. For questions and more information, please contact us.

Extensive service
The service we can offer you goes beyond just renting trucks. For example, it is also possible to use our special delivery service. Have you rented trucks from us? We can bring you these and of course pick it up again. Heisterkamp Truck Rental also has an attractive tank service. Trucks that are rented at Heisterkamp Truck Rental can be refueled at our home pump in Oldenzaal. This way you always benefit from a low diesel price.

Minimize downtime to a minimum with our specialized Breakdown Service. This, combined with attractive rates from our workshops, can save you a lot of money. This unique service is included in the rental of our tractors, but can also be used for your own vehicles. Contact us for more information.