Heisterkamp Truck Lease

Truck lease - Lease options

Lease options

  • Financial Lease
  • Operational Lease
  • Sale & Lease Back

Heisterkamp Fleet Rental helps you avoid the need to buy all your transport equipment yourself. The actual added value of the goods is created by their use and not their ownership. We make sure you have the equipment that you need to grow and to remain competitive.

Whether you opt for Financial Lease, Operational Lease or Sale & Lease Back depends on your financial situation.

Financial Lease:

With this form of leasing, lease payments consist of interest and depreciation. Under this construction you have beneficial ownership of the equipment. This allows you to benefit from available depreciation and investment tax facilities, as and when applicable. The vehicle is carried as an asset on your balance sheet. You make monthly payments, consisting of interest and depreciation, over a specific contract period. These monthly payments remain unchanged over the entire contract period, at the end of which, having made the final payment, you have legal ownership of the vehicle as well.

The advantages:

  • Available operating capital remains unaffected
  • No budget restrictions
  • Object depreciation on your books
  • Tax deductible interest
  • Available credit lines remain unaffected
  • The investment does not impair the liquidity position

Operational Lease:

Operational lease is the solution for businesses that decide against investing while still having the use of a specific asset. Under operational lease, Heisterkamp remains owner of the vehicle. This way the vehicle is not a balance sheet item and your capital position and borrowing capacity remain intact. You pay low monthly charges without residual value risk. For tax purposes you are regarded as a lessee. At the end of the contract period you can either purchase the vehicle from Heisterkamp or return it.

The advantages:

  • No residual value risk
  • Better balance sheet ratio - the investment is not a balance sheet item
  • Relatively low monthly charges
  • Available credit lines remain unaffected
  • The investment does not impair the liquidity position
  • No budget restriction

Sale & Lease Back:

‘Sale and Lease Back’ releases capital. It allows you to improve your balance sheet, pay off debt or invest in further development of your core activities.

Sale and Lease Back is a form of leasing whereby you are also the supplier of the equipment. You sell the purchased assets to us, immediately leasing them back. This way you release capital for more profitable purposes while having the use of the leased equipment. This is why Sale and Lease Back enjoys a growing interest as a form of financing.

The advantages:

  • Your invested capital is released
  • Your improved liquidity allows you to invest in your “core business”
  • Your vehicles are off balance sheet
  • Your credit rating improves
  • Your debt position improves
  • Your credit lines remain intact