Heisterkamp Truck Lease

Truck lease - Information

You want to grow your business. But you do not want to tie up all your capital in your fleet. Entrepreneurs therefore increasingly opt for leasing new transport equipment. Benefits of leasing via Heisterkamp Trailerlease are:

  • Brand independent
  • Optional house style
  • Flexible installments
  • Extensive European network
  • Bulk purchasing

Heisterkamp Trailerlease offers Operational & Financial Lease. Operational Lease: The most common form of trailer leasing is Operational Lease. Under this form the lease company of the legal owner of the trailer assuming all associated risks. As title to the object is held by the lease company, the trailer is not regarded as borrowed capital as the customer merely has the right of use to the trailer. In practice this means that you can use borrowed capital for your core business. In other words, the liquidity in your business is not affected by your trailer fleet. You only pay the trailer’s direct costs! Operational risks such as residual value are for account of the lease company. Operational Lease is basically a form of long term trailer rental. Operational Lease assures you of a constant kilometer price. With trailer fleet management performed by the lease company, the lowest possible kilometer cost price can be achieved. The advantages of Operational Lease over Financial Lease:

  • No increase of borrowed capital
  • Risks transferred to lease company
  • Lowest possible kilometer cost price
  • Legal ownership by lease company
  • Interest component lower than under Financial Lease

Financial Lease:

As the term suggests, Financial Lease is a form of financing. The term leasing is used because the object in question (the trailer) is the collateral for the financing. In practice this means that the customer is the legal owner of the trailer. Being a form of financing, it is obviously regarded as  borrowed capital in your business affecting your liquidity. For young starters though it may be an interesting option as a potential investment tax credit as the customer holds title to the trailer and the trailer is thus regarded as an investment. All risk such as residual value, repairs, servicing and tires are for account of the lessee. The advantages of Financial Lease over Operational Lease:

  • Potential investment tax credit