Breakdown Service 

Breakdown Service

In case you experience difficulties with your vehicle while on the road, you no longer have to dependent on (often extreme expensive) road side repairs by a locale body- and/or repair shop, just because you have no other option.

Heisterkamp has an extensive network of European dealers, repair- and body shops at his disposal, with which we can help you back on the road in a secure and fast manner, without unpleasant surprises.

In this particular area we can also offer you good prices for repairs, thanks to our extensive knowledge and our own number of trucks and trailers. Sometimes the breakdown service can instruct the driver in such a way, that he can carry out the necessary repair(s) on his own; which saves you the costs of a roadside repair.

The breakdown service is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at your disposal. For just a small fee we mediate at all your roadside repairs, through entire Europe.

We would like to offer you our breakdown services for your entire fleet. This can save you lots of problems; you can rely on Heisterkamp Breakdown Service to solve your problems fast and trustworthy.

As a preventive tool we can check your trailers at several harbors. We have professional trailer checkers at our disposal to do so.

Please contact our employees for more information: or call +31 541 589080 you can contact Heisterkamp Breakdown Service 24/7