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Sustainable driving | Heisterkamp Transport

Energy saving in the world of transport.

Heisterkamp Transport is driving some one hundred million kilometres per year. A huge amount of kilometres we would like to drive as energy efficient as possible. Over the last years we have continuously been working on reducing the CO² emission of our trucks. To realise this, our trucks are replaced every two years, which makes that our drivers are always driving the most energy efficient trucks. In 2012, we launched the 'Fuel Master' programme.

Fuel Master, the route to reduced CO² emissions 

Our truck drivers are trained in 'the new driving'. We have developed a video in which 'Fuel Master' is explained. The programme ensures improved fuel consumption, reduction of hazardous substances and better drivers in terms of quality. In our theoretical and practical training we teach our drivers to drive as energy efficient as possible. 

When we are talking about sustainable driving, a number of factors play a key role. It is important that the drivers let the trucks roll out more and also prevent any unnecessary use of the brakes and idling. And the right tyre pressure is very important, too. Good anticipation and the use of cruise control help prevent unnecessary use of energy. 

Heisterkamp Transport keeps a report for every driver. These reports are sent by mail every month, and by email on a weekly basis. In this way we make everyone aware of their own driving behaviour. 
We can definitively say that Heisterkamp has booked huge progress over the last three years. And we hope to be able to continue this rising trend for the coming years. Together with our drivers we are working towards a world in which we can drive sustainable kilometres with a significantly reduced CO² emission.