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Truck and Trailer Service adds new premises

Oldenzaal - On 10 August 2017, Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions purchased the premises on Hanzepoort 24 in Oldenzaal and started its business operations there. The new location will serve the target of a further expansion of the Truck and Trailer Service Division.

“A logical choice”, says Huub Boswerger, Manager Heisterkamp Truck and Trailer Service. “Our garage operations are doing exceptionally well. To continue the growth of our business, we had been looking for some time for a location to expand our activities. The property on Hanzepoort 24, the former location of Nijwa, is ideal in terms of location and is right across the premises where our Truck and Trailer Rental & Leasing, and Used Trucks have been established since 2012.”

More room for external customers

Because of the substantial growth of our enterprise, the Truck and Trailer Service activities will be more evenly spread over our various locations on the Hanzepoort industrial estate. Our workshops are presently located at Hanzepoort 7 (Truck Service), Hanzepoort 8 (Trailer Service) and, as of today, also in our new premises on Hanzepoort 24.

The new property will among others be deployed for assembly and dismantling the Heisterkamp Trucking fleet of more than 700 trucks. These trucks are continuously replaced every two years. The shift of these operations to the new location will open up extra capacity in the current workshop on Hanzepoort 7. Work for our external customers can be extended here so we can meet the growing demand for maintenance, inspection and repairs on trucks, trailers, touring cars, (semi-)trailers, campers and company vehicles of third parties.

New spray booth

A unique feature is the new spray booth to be installed at the new location. This sustainable booth meets all current legislation and regulations in the area of the environment and occupational health & safety (arbo). “While there was only space for a single truck in pre-processing, we can now handle 3 to 4 trucks at the same time on the new location”, Huub Boswerger adds.


Repairs and mounting walls for refrigeration and box trailers will also take place on the new location in the future.

The new premises have already been partly occupied. In the coming weeks, hard work will be carried out on the renovation of the workshop to bring it up to modern standards and to adapt it to the Heisterkamp identity. Expectations are that as per 1 January 2018, the renewed workshop will be ready for full use.

Because of the growth of our Truck and Trailer Service operations we are looking to expand our team of professionals. There are new job openings for Truck and Trailer Mechanics and Coachwork Builders. Candidates can apply through our website.