Volvo FH500 2 units left in stock

Volvo FH500

2 units left in stock

Vehicle type Trekker
Year manufactured New
Transmission Automatic
Power 500 hp
Vehicle type Trekker
Brand Volvo
Model FH500
Version 2 units left in stock
Transmission Automatic
Year manufactured New
Axle configuration 2 assen
Emission class Euro 6
Power 500 hp
Mega volume No
Hydraulics No
Retarder No
Adr No
Globetrotter XL Yes
VEB+ Yes
Spoiler package including side skirts Yes
Driver comfort+ Yes
Bi-Xenon (Light package+) Yes
IParkCool Parking air conditioning Yes
Audio including Bluetooth Yes
510L & 650L Diesel Tanks Yes
385/55R22,5 VA|315/70R22,5 HA Michelin Energy Yes
Fridge Yes

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