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Tips for an economic style of driving

Before departure

  1. Choose your route with care, use navigation just as a tool 
  2. Check the tyre pressure regularly

While driving 

  1. Shift gear in the right moment, stay in the green area
  2. Use cruise control as much as possible
  3. Anticipate, have a fluent solution to situations which can happen
  4. Keep enough distance
  5. Use roll-out energy
  6. Reduce full stops to a minimum
  7. Use the real time drivingdata in the Carrierweb boardcomputer

Standing stil

  1. Don’t leave your engine running unnecessary
  2. Use the parking heater with care


An economic style of driving is also a safe style of driving which will benefit;

  • Your own safety
  • Costs by damage
  • Maintenance costs
  • Lifespan material


In countless tests is concluded that an economic style of driving is not slower. Because you drive more fluently in many cases the drive is being done even faster. Therefore urgency can never be a reason to quit this style of driving.