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Driver Kamil's top 5 destinations

Check out Kamil's latest trucker tips on this page! This time: his top 5 destinations he visited with Heisterkamp.

1. Barcelona | Spain
I spent a 2-day weekend there with my friend Piotr Szczepański. Piotr is also a Heisterkamp driver. We went into the city, visited some museums, and checked out the Gaudi houses.

2. Edinburgh | Scotland
I went there for Christmas. Thanks to Heisterkamp, I got to go there for 5 days. I celebrated Christmas with my old college roommate. I also visited many museums, monuments, bars and cafes.

3. Ghent | Belgium
I love this city! This is a favourite destination to spend a weekend! Fantastic architecture, canals, narrow streets, a great variety of restaurants and pubs, and many shops with local products. It is a great place to rest and relax!

4. Navarra desert | Spain
Unfortunately, I did not have time to really visit this place and walk around, because of my work schedule. But the drive there was a great experience. I would love to go back there one day.

5. Brittany and Normandy | France
What a fantastic rural landscape, with beautiful roads through the hills, rivers and the green valley. I can really relax here. Especially in the spring, this is a beautiful landscape.